Long Term Maintenance Plans

As part of its responsibility for maintaining and repairing the common property under the new Unit Titles Act 2010, the Body Corporate must establish and maintain a long-term maintenance plan (LTMP) which covers at least the next 10 years.
The purpose of an LTMP is to:

  • Identify future maintenance requirements and estimate the costs involved
  • Support the establishment and management of funds put aside for maintenance
  • Provide ongoing guidance to the body corporate to assist it in making its annual maintenance decisions
Reviewing the LTMP can help in making Bodies Corporate aware of what parts of the development will require maintenance, how often maintenance is required and the likely cost to unit owners. The Body Corporate can review the LTMP as frequently as it wishes but must review it at least once every three years.

We have a specialist in LTMP's who can consult with you for development of your LTMP, including appropriate budgeting and fund management to ensure the plan is in place and achieving the desired goals.

Project Management

For project management, we are pleased to recommend S3 Project Management (S3PM), the company is led by Brett Archer who has more than 17 years experience in the construction industry and has delivered over 700 construction, remediation, refurbishment and maintenance projects. They  work collaboratively with a wide range of professionals to ensure work is completed according to latest industry standards using best practice. S3PM guarantees all work undertaken will have the correct contracts and insurances are in place prior to job commencement.

S3PM’s mission is simple, they provide a streamlined, stress-free, project management service. S3PM’s processes have developed solutions to almost every type of problem and challenge. The company is up-to-date with statutory requirements including Unit Title processes, health and safety, resource management and building consent processes. They provide clear advice and options for Body Corporates and owners on:

  • Residential renovation, remediation and refurbishment projects
  • Apartment remediation projects (leaky building projects)
  • Unit title maintenance planning
  • Maintenance works and contracts
  • Building warrant and compliance planning

It is a ‘jungle’ out there of Body Corporate compliance and planning issues, different contracts, misaligned scopes, different insurances, health and safety issues. S3PM offers a seamless process for putting the right team together for managing remediation projects, gaining council consents, dealing with building regulations and managing consultants and contractors while keeping the budget under control. Remediation projects can be a stressful experience. By applying a structured project management system that competitively promotes tendering, S3PM saves you considerable cost and stress while meeting project deliverables. S3PM offers a friendly, personal service that gets results for its clients.


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