About Us


We aim to make the work that we do for you as open and as transparent as possible.

Wherever possible, we demystify the process and educate you, the client. Your funds are held in bank accounts owned and operated by your Body Corporate under appropriate banking mandates. We operate your accounting ledgers on an industry standard platform so that both the account and the ledger are immediately transportable should you choose to cease our services and move to another body corporate administrator. We do not operate joint fund accounts of any kind. Body Corporate funds are trust monies and as such we believe that your funds should be kept separate from other Body Corporates and administered appropriately.
Our software allows every member read-only access to the entire accounting system for your body corporate. That way any member can look at all transactions being conducted by the Body Corporate, including invoices to themselves and members outstanding positions.


We carry out our services with your interests at heart.

We do not believe in taking commissions, secret or disclosed, and are not interested in playing with your funds in our trust account. This is your Body Corporate and your funds, we respect that. We bring years of good business administration and chartered accountancy and all those ethics into this business. If we see ways to improve things for your Body Corporate or to add value, we will speak up and guide you, using best practice and the latest technologies.


We are here to speak up for and guide your body corporate.

We are not here just to provide the administration services in a sterile stand-off manner. We want a long term and mutually beneficial relationship, after all your Body Corporate has a life as long as the land and buildings it represents. We believe that the body corporate benefits significantly from an advocacy role and this is what we offer to you. One example of such advocacy is the recent submission by Tim Fleming to Inland Revenue Department addressing whether typical residential Body Corporate’s should be registered for GST or not. Click this link to read the submission.

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